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We guarantee that all the support we receive will be converted to a maximum amount of trees! For every 1 Eur we receive we will plant at least 1 tree in our owned land plots.

Despite the donations we get, we are planting trees 2 times per year. Therefore we have a lot of “stock” trees which we then allocate for every donator. We are using Stripe for secure payment solutions. After each payment we will send you an invoice and allocate a tree with its’ GPS coordinates!

We are currently moving to a new donation platform and donations feature is paused for now. Come back later.


About us

We are a group of people that started with a simple vision to reforest the planet earth, one tree at a time. No complex plans, no grand visions, no „ifs“ or „buts“.

With a modest start and over 150 000 thousand trees planted, this idea began to get traction in our close circles and more and more people wanted to join and contribute. With that in mind we offered others an option to join our cause by making single or reoccurring donations.

Currently we manage to plant a new tree at a cost of ±€1 per tree. We will continue doing this as long as we live. We invite you to join us and help us plant even more.
These trees will help us to offset our carbon footprint and might help you too. Furthermore, they will most likely outlast our lifetime and continue to produce oxygen for carbon dioxide long after we are gone. This is the sole mission and goal of Forests of Planet Earth.

If you would like to help us out – visit the “Plant more trees” section of the site and consider contributing, thanks.

How it works


We pool resources of our own and our generous donors.


We plant as many trees as our resources allow us.


We take care of the land until it becomes a full grown forest.


We sit back and take a deep breath of fresh forest air.


Our trees are geotagged and displayed in our website so You can find yours.

It usually calculates to ± €1 per tree and we show our donors where their corresponding trees were planted. You can actually visit the land whenever you want and find your tree (not exact tree, though, this would increase the price of the planting and vanity is not our goal).

We choose land and the type of tree specifically to have less economical value, but greater environmental impact, this way ensuring the longevity of the idea. We will plant trees regardless of donations acquired, although, more donations helps us plant more trees.


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1. Elio draudimas
CO2 saved
10000 trees planted
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CO2 saved
1569 trees planted
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3. Baldai1
CO2 saved
1000 trees planted
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4. Jelbi
CO2 saved
365 trees planted
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5. Yumuv
CO2 saved
365 trees planted

Did you know?

Flight from Vilnius to Rome produces 600 kg of CO2
Flight from Vilnius to Rome produces 600 kg of CO2
One person produces 4600 kg / year CO2 on average
One person produces 4600 kg / year CO2 on average
One mature tree absorbs 22 kg of CO2 a year
One mature tree absorbs 22 kg of CO2 a year
It takes 21 trees to offset your average flight CO2
It takes 21 trees to offset your average flight CO2

What will you leave after yourself:

carbon or trees?

As human species we produce way more CO2 than we produce by our actions, uncontrolled this would lead to global warming and increased temperatures and severe weather events. It is time to change that. You can make it right by many ways, but planting more trees is a good way to begin.

Not everybody knows or can plant trees, but we are here to help. DONATE any amount and we will plant a tree for you. In addition, we will display the tree neatly on this map, so you can see the impact you are making.

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